Where the F have I gone ?!

Why have I stopped writing again?

I stopped my poetry in my mid-twenties when I chose to be happy and had the inability to write it whist happy.

Now, as I see someone who I consider to be a theoretical friend put a book on the market about writing and pushing through anxiety to get it done – I realize how suck ass I’ve been at this and it’s only a G D blog (HOW am I ever going to get a screenplay done?).

So – here we are and the only thing I can think to share is my disappointment in myself. I consider myself a confident person but we all are our toughest critics, no? ( scale of 1 to 10, how Portuguese did I just sound?. Man, I miss my Gram)

BUT, I am going to trudge my single parent by choice self and my little one and only to her book signing to support inspiration.

We have to support each other and we have to be there for each other by showing up – even our theoretical friends.

So … shout out to all my friends. And in the words of Bartles and James – thanks for your support (my dad loved when those guys said that).