Little miss social worker

Almost 20 years ago I challenged myself to 2 years of work in child protective social work – to see if I could care without either losing my mind or without becoming jaded.

I met a supervisor who became a mentor – who I had the best banter with – every day I cared and i laughed.

I’m going to be honest- not much is better than good banter.

I don’t think I would have lasted 2 years without her and having become friends with her years later – better friends as we both went through some big stuff at the same time and sent one another cards- snail mail cards – it has meant so much.

Sometimes when I think of her passion and humor , I think of how I try to supervise and mentor.

I have met the most amazing people – these child protective social workers –

I can’t watch a movie or TV show without seeing us depicted as uncaring or ignorant and it makes me fucking fume.

People are trying to keep kids safe and make families stronger and it is so gray and there is no crystal ball – you make the best decision you can with the information you have – you try to check your bias or have someone else do it – it is not easy but it is important. We make decisions that impact people’s lives and you never hear a good story about the work we do –

We can’t even tell you because we have to keep confidentiality- we can’t even defend ourselves when we are accused or attacked in the press because of confidentiality. We just keep on keeping on, together.

So, as we approach March – sw appreciation month –

I appreciate you- my people – who go home late to your own families because you are helping other families – who have sleepless nights worrying about the safety of children- who are frustrated with the system but keep on keeping on –

Thank you – and thank you to the mentors out there – who keep us passionate and keep us laughing.

Happy birthday to my 1st supervisor, almost 20 years ago – this blog is for you.

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