Felicia Day

Anyone who knows me knows my love of film and TV. One day I will write my screenplay- but I chose this social work gig because of my fascination of why people do what they do. My love of the arts is focused on plot and character development. Even though I don’t consider myself a creator anymore, I still admire those who create – real and true to themselves product – NEW and original content. Similar to how I feel about style- just because I choose not to dress with it doesn’t mean I don’t recognize it when I see it. Unlike style (where I know I will never give a flying fuck what I look like)- I KNOW I will create. In the meantime, I am on the sidelines watching those who do.

REWIND 15 years ago-

This show, “Supernatural” began that I watched with my sister and my mom and we all fell in love with the Winchester brothers. A unique female character, Charlie, entered the scene and I loved her. I loved her smarts, her wit, her everything. I remember being a kid and not having many female characters on TV that I felt connected to. It made me happy for the geeky girls of today – I never found my people but i know they are.

I bawled my eyes out when they killed off that character (oops- spoiler alert). I mean, I really bawled – like we were friends. I do this sometimes and I consider it a testament to good storytelling and acting – that someone watching can connect like that to a character (God help me as this show has it’s series finale)

Then i also do this thing when I connect with someone or something they do – then I need to check out all they do out. It is also how I consider myself to have theoretical friends (if they knew me, they’d like me) and also why others might worry I walk the stalker line – but i am all positivity and love – so think what you want – I embrace my weird (pun intended).

So then I read up on Felicia Day and how she’s the Queen of Geek (which somehow a geek like me didn’t know) and she created the 1st big web series (which someone with no tech brain like me clearly missed). She CREATED it – filming it in her house and it hit it big – I am in season 6 now (it ended like 8 years ago). I missed this in the moment it was happening and I am playing catch up.

She was on Buffy and she was in the Dr Horrible sing along blog with my theoretical boyfriend, Nathan Fillion – who reportedly was her boyfriend at one time ( I mean, talk about a kindred spirit!)

She just wrote her 2nd book. I read her 1st and it was real – I listen to her podcast and it is REAL. I have never had time for fake but to put yourself out there is HARD – and to do it with thousands of people listening and some critiquing?- THAT is bravery.

Felicia Day is hardcore. She is sensitive and smart – real and unique. I have become a big time fan.

Donovan and I met her at Boston Comic-Con 2 years ago – it was the only thing I cared about and it was the exact moment he was pissed he couldn’t play on the escalator. I don’t do much for me since having him – not do I care to in all honesty – I mean, I did my shit and I chose to have him – he is my #1 everything but I felt like a suck ass mom smiling in a photo he was sobbing in.

It was great today to meet her again, 2 years later – AND to have my little man talking to her – drawing her a picture. Watching the boy I love talk more than i did to a woman i admire made my heart swell with joy.

So yeah, today I blog about a strong, smart, independent, creative woman with love and admiration because when you feel inspiration, you honor it. I am going to read this book and embrace my weird and I can’t fucking wait to continue the journey and evolution of becoming who i am.

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