Library adventures

He asked for a scary book.

I told him to ask the librarian.

Librarians are helpful and kind.

He went up to the desk and asked – and SHE asked, “how scary?”

He said, “REALLY scary” and I interjected, “MEDIUM scary.”

I told her that we read 5 minute Halloween stories (but neglected to say DISNEY ones).

She asked him, “how old are you?” And he told her “4”

So the helpful, kind librarian handed us 2 books and off we went.

Later that night we were reading our bedtime stories and chose the “half-minute horrors” book (I mean, Shel Silverstein has minimal pictures and are quick like these so I figured this was the book to start with rather than the 5 MINUTE one. His favorite Shel Silverstein story is the scary one about “The Googies”… the googies are coming- and maybe tonight…).

I scanned through some of the half-minute stories and thought they seemed a bit too grown up and NOT “medium scary” but I thought I found one…

(And i paraphrase…) a girl asks her mom to sit with her til she falls asleep. The girl asks her mom to tell her why Vampires won’t get her and her mom says they can’t come in unless you invite them. She asks about werewolves and her mom tells her that there isn’t a full moon. Then she asks about ghosts and “HER MOTHER PAUSES, LOOKING DOWN AT HER HANDS…”

this is where I realized, “oh shit, where is this going?!” So I take a moment to read ahead and then create my own make-shift ending because I can’t read my FOUR year old –

“…Ghosts don’t want to hurt anyone. If they hurt you, they do it by accident…”

…”what if they hurt me by accident then?”

“…they can only hurt the living…”

Then the mother leans down to kiss the girl goodnight “but it’s like kissing smoke.”

Um, W T F

I don’t remember what make-shift ending I created but I am glad he asks me to make up stories every day and night so I can be quick on my toes.

Because – SPOILER ALERT – the Sixth Sense where the child is the dead one is just a BIT intense for FOUR…

SO… let’s take a poll on what we social workers call APPROPRIATE and if THAT story sounds appropriate for a FOUR year old …


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