I love my job and also, I love taking a day off here and there – for doctor’s appointments and self care. I like having a minute to watch a movie between appointments or treat myself out to lunch alone.

I do, however, have a gift of choosing said day off when we wind up getting a delayed start or a snow day. I’m not going to lie, it feels like I’ve been cheated.

I even had my son during a blizzard.

It’s not that I want the rest of you to be working while I’m enjoying my day off but you get a snow day while I use a vacation day or sick day.

To top it off, you’d think my super power of being able to predict suck ass weather (as the barometric pressure changes mess my head up) would work quick enough to save my use of a day off that I would have gotten off anyway but alas , twas not to be.

So – enjoy your delayed start/ snow day , you MFers

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