SLACKING: The correlation between procrastination and perfectionism

This I know – I will not do it half-assed… I may not do it til tomorrow – but I will not do it half-assed.

If I do it today- stay the F out of my way til I am done because I cannot do it half-assed.

More than likely, I won’t do it today because when i do it, it needs to be perfectly done and more than likely I haven’t figured out how to do it perfectly yet.

I have always wanted to be in the film industry- always. I LOVE it – I love the the art of storytelling- of character development- making people think and feel deeply. I don’t love to escape – I love to delve in- into worlds, into characters, into plots – and one day, I’m going to write.

I didn’t have the balls to do it at 21 so I decided that I’d try to make a positive change in the world one person at a time rather than through a screenplay that might touch thousands.

I decided to do this thing called social work because I love figuring out why people do what they do and helping. I’ll do it as a back up , i told myself – til i write or while i write… then i found that i was doing EXACTLY what i was supposed to be doing. I found my purpose.

Oscar night is still my Christmas and film is still my love but my screenplay is going to have to wait til my retirement and i won’t regret that- because I can’t write it perfectly right now.

So, here we are and I’m on blog #3 and already I moved from funny to serious but maybe , just maybe, you’re wondering if you’re where you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

If you want my thoughts – you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be , doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing – til you aren’t- then evolve- and stop slacking.

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