Travel dilemmas

Who are the people who see no cars behind you but HAVE to pull out RIGHT in front of you?! – AND THEN GO SLOWLY…

That one second of waiting was unacceptable- you would think they wanted to go quickly – or else, why did they need to get in front of you so quickly?

It’s so contradictory and confusing.

Who ARE you people?! Is it just a power play to fuck with people? I find no other explanation.

The other people I don’t understand are those who yield/stop at a green right turn arrow.

It is GREEN.

We all know green means go so why the hell are you STOPPING ?! Are you stupid ? Are you overly cautious? How are you functioning with either this level of stupidity or this level of fear ? Either way, I want to ram my vehicle into yours and if I do, you deserve it.

Those who pull out in front of me and go slowly are just assholes but there is no disobedience of a road rule.

You stoppers at green right turn arrows are rule breakers.

If you can get a ticket for going through a red, you should get a ticket for stopping at a green.

I work near the RMV now and I may make stopping your nonsense a mission – consider yourself warned.

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