So…. someone asked me if I could start a blog.

Knowing that 1 person might enjoy me as much as I do and also that $5 a month to do this will yield better results than $30 a month to my gym made it seem start-worthy.

I would say, “here’s to beginnings!” But I’m more of a believer in evolution. I don’t so much see beginnings and endings as I see change.

The idea that we’re all changing, hopefully in a positive growing manner, feels more fluid than the start and stop of beginnings and endings.

I’m not sure yet what this blog is looking to accomplish or provide other than a place of community and connection – a place that might make you smile or think – a place where I can throw all my shit out there without having to turn it into a formal screenplay or short story – a place where we can all feel ok to be us.

I have never done a blog before and I am NOT tech savvy – but I will commit to this and look forward to sharing me with you-

Stay tuned and much thanks-


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